“This place has saved my life in more ways than I can count! Need help physically, emotionally , spiritually, socially, with pain management, with diet/dietary needs? Love yoga? Restorative yoga? Zumba? They literally have it all! Check them out! You won’t regret it!”

-Shelby 3.9.2021

“I was so desperate for relief from chronic pain and poor mobility that I had my nerve endings fried at Mass General, twice, with a procedure called "RF lesioning." It was only after Kristen introduced me to acutonics that I was finally well enough to take advantage of Mandy's version of occupational therapy, and my quality of life finally improved. Before Mandy, I had been through physical therapy at 5 different institutions, the most recent took place in a pool. Unfortunately, they all ended with similar setbacks and much frustration. Mandy was the only one to have the patience and variety of approaches to keep me going. Her education and attention brought gradual and steady improvement. I finally have something I never got from Mass General or all those attempts at PT... hope!

When I first met Kristen, I was desperate for pain relief and cared little about anything else. Acutonics helped reduce the intense, constant pain and soothed new flare ups. The positive results greatly surpassed the pharmaceutical approach pain management had me on and made me ask, "What else you got?" Kristen opened up new dimensions of hope for me. She was the first practitioner I met who could talk new strategies of time tested medicine without making them feel like "alternative" medicine. The depth of her knowledge and unshakable confidence kept me on the path of healing even when setbacks tested my own resolve. I don't think about where I'd be if I hadn't met Kristen. She's taught me instead to keep my sights set on the wellness ahead of me and continue the journey with gratitude.

Thank you, Kristen and Mandy! I will always be grateful for the positive outcomes form our treatments and the path you set me on.”


Before I worked with Mandy and Kristen of Holistic Therapies 4 Life every time I worked on movement I had some form of lower back pain. It stopped me from enjoying my days. I couldn’t power walk or do yoga because I was not moving and stretching enough. 

In the 3-month Transformation 1 experience, they found the best way to help me with my mindset regarding sleep routines and gave me exercises to help me stretch properly. I now have a proven sleep regime that helps motivate me to walk on the beach in the mornings. 

They kept me accountable by making sure the home exercise practices were working. Some of the key elements that made this three-month plan so enjoyable were the weekly yoga classes, acutonics, craniosacral therapy, and the infrared sauna on-premise. I highly encourage people to check out this holistic approach to wellness!"

-Lisa Anne

"My physical, mental & spiritual health have always been the 1st priority in my life. Given the effort & time I had devoted to my well-being, the PTSD I carried with me from my childhood years still had the power to abruptly disrupt my life. A therapist I was working with who had great success in treating some of my PTSD symptoms referred me to Holistic Therapies 4Life in Beverly for some “fine-tuning”. What I found in working with Kristen & Mandy was a safe place in an atmosphere of healing. Their expertise in the tools of Ayurveda, Yoga, Visualization and Reiki, to name a few, helped me access the quality of life I have always dreamed of yet found was just out of my reach. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I highly recommend Holistic Therapies 4Life - it is a transforming experience for life!”


“The support I have received from Holistic Therapies 4Life has changed my life. Mandy and Kristen’s commitment to the care of their clients physical and emotional health and well-being is exceptional. They have taught me how to navigate through life’s challenges with dignity and grace. I am so grateful to be on this spiritual journey with them.”


“I felt confident going to Holistic Therapies 4Life because of Mandy and Kristen's medical backgrounds. The care here goes well beyond any you could receive in a doctor’s office. Mandy and Kristen take both Eastern and Western medical techniques and merge them to create a uniquely individualized healing plan for their clients; by getting to know me, they treat not just the symptom of my disease but the root cause as well. I am receiving the type of care I always wished was possible, Mandy and Kristen are kind, compassionate and both fully committed to their clients.”


“As a Behavioral Health Practitioner on the North Shore, I have had the privilege to develop both a professional and personal relationship with the owners of Holistic Therapies 4Life, Mandy Lubas and Kristen Harte. These exceptional women bring their own expertise, incorporating different medical and holistic approaches, to focus on the healing of the mind and body. They are compassionate, authentic, knowledgeable and practice through the lenses of empowerment and self-determination. They have been such an incredible resource for many of my clients who are seeking additional support in their own healing journeys. ”

-Lee A. Huth LICSW

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