Now Welcoming New Clients

Holistic Therapies 4Life is currently accepting new clients via telehealth/telemedicine, as well as in person tiwce weekly
In Person Client Sessions
  1. Tuesday 10:30am - 6:00pm
  2. Wednesday 9:15am - 6:00pm

Here's how to get you started to be seen for therapy at Holistic Therapies 4Life:

  1. Schedule an evaluation- via phone call, text or email

  2. PLEASE NOTE: Some services may be covered by insurance others are self-pay

    Evaluation will occur over telehealth using doxyme.com or Zoom link

  3. Sign Waiver Form on cancellation policy and fees- this will be emailed to client prior to evaluation
  4. What to expect in an evaluation? Mandy and Kristen will go through a series of questions to address:
    1. Medical History
    2. Emotional Health and Well-Being
    3. Stress Level
    4. Areas of Concern in Life
  5. Review of Holistic and Occupation Therapies that may be appropriate for your plan of care
  6. Establish short and long term goals together
  7. Schedule for treament visit via telemedicine (session are approximaterly 45-60 minutes)

See website at: www.holsitictherapies4life.com/therapies/ for details and services provided

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